Why A Cancer Exercise Specialist?

Because, like everything about your cancer, “It depends on you.”

A cancer exercise specialist (CES) knows how to address treatment-related fatigue. We know that radiation side-effects differ from chemotherapy side-effects, and that hormonal therapy comes with its own set of changes. We know the risks of lymphedema and how to address them. We can help you anticipate and cope with discomfort and balance issues that may accompany neuropathy. We understand the repercussions of treatment that will affect your ability to start and maintain an exercise program. We understand what you have endured.

We will help you overcome temporary obstacles.

We have expertise and experience working with people or who have, or have had, a port or expanders.  We are familiar with breast surgery and reconstruction, which muscles have been injured or compromised, and we know how help them heal. We consult and work with your surgeon and your oncologist as you move from rehabilitation into a new, regular exercise routine.

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