Who Pays for Innovation?

Earlier this blog described the benefits of cancer rehabilitation, and the innovation of incorporating an early, risk-stratified assessment of each patient. The assessment goal is to identify the complexity of the patient’s needs and direct each patient to the appropriate pathway to receive effective and individualized short-term and long-term programs of care.  Risk-Stratification Delivers Better Care at Lower […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on April 19th, 2020

A Game-Changer for Cancer Rehabilitation

Sometimes innovation happens when one person, looking at the same data that everyone else is looking at, sees something stunningly new. This blog describes exactly that: an innovative model of care for cancer rehabilitation that can be implemented through public policy. Game-Changer: A Model that Makes Money The innovation model developed by Dr. Michael Stubblefield MD1 uses the […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on April 5th, 2020

What is that box we are supposed to think outside of?

The phrase “thinking outside the box” is commonly used by organization leaders to describe everything from innovation, to recontextualizing, to doing anything that changes the status quo or how things happen. Daniel Weberg, co-author (with Sandra Davidson) of Leadership for Evidence-based Innovation in Nursing and Health Professions, points out that if you think about innovation as […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on March 22nd, 2020

Bringing Activity to the Neighborhood: Who You Gonna Call?

At this month’s annual West Valley Heath Community Leaders Forum, I learned that the most powerful tools for moving toward health equity at the community level are voluntary guidelines issued by national, nonprofit organizations that represent different health care professions. I know; it sounds crazy. When I think about sustainable health improvements in regional communities, […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on February 29th, 2020

How Many Institutions and Actors Does it Take to Create Exercise Options in the West Valley?

My blog topic is understanding the local landscape to remove barriers and create incentives for community-based exercise for cancer survivors. The implementation level of my topic is the local municipalities and regional governmental bodies in Phoenix’s West Valley, but it is also true, as Longest describes, that support for local exercise opportunities is linked to implementation policies developed […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on February 16th, 2020