Why Haven’t You Heard of Cancer Rehabilitation?

I have written blogs for OncoLink and articles for Conquer Magazine about the life-restoring benefits that cancer rehabilitation delivers to survivors like us. When I speak to other survivors, too often they ask me, “Why haven’t I ever heard of cancer rehabilitation?” Cancer Rehabilitation Suffers from a Misleading Name, Low Awareness, and Over-Simplification It sounds ridiculous but […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on July 17th, 2021

My Newest Cancer Rehabilitation Blog Just Posted on OncoLink.org

Here’s the link to my latest cancer rehabilitation blog, just posted today — July 6, 2021 — on the OncoLink.org website: Cancer Rehabilitation Starts at Diagnosis Use the link or copy-and-paste the permalink below: https://blogs.oncolink.org/2021/07/cancer-rehabilitation-starts-at-diagnosis. I encourage every survivor to visit OncoLink.org to get the latest in vetted, practical, use-it-now survivorship information. I also encourage survivors to use […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on July 6th, 2021

Choosing Today’s Treatment Without Knowing Tomorrow’s Impairments

In a captivating and elegant 3-page memoir, primary care physician Gene Bishop describes his gradual understanding of radiation late-effects from his 1965 treatment for childhood Hodgkin lymphoma (2019 Bishop, MD Arc of Therapy): Both my oncologist and I are living with the reminder that no treatment does only what we want it to do and […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on June 12th, 2021

Is It a Late Effect of Radiation, or Just Hot Outside?

Increasingly I experience sudden plunges in blood pressure, my speech slows and slurs, my legs get weak, I get dizzy, and I have to sit down. Maybe these symptoms are a late effect of the radiation treatment I received in 1997 for head&neck cancer, when radiation scatter was inevitable. But I live in the desert and the symptoms […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on May 30th, 2021

Who Pays for Innovation?

Earlier this blog described the benefits of cancer rehabilitation, and the innovation of incorporating an early, risk-stratified assessment of each patient. The assessment goal is to identify the complexity of the patient’s needs and direct each patient to the appropriate pathway to receive effective and individualized short-term and long-term programs of care.  Risk-Stratification Delivers Better Care at Lower […]

Posted by Nancy Litterman Howe on April 19th, 2020