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Three Steps to a Strong Recovery

1. Talk to Your Oncologist

Print this generic referral form and use it to help you start a conversation about exercise with your oncologist. It can create a highly effective channel of communication between your oncologist and your exercise provider.


2. Locate an Accredited Cancer Exercise Provider

Use this step-by-step guide to help you find an accredited exercise provider near you. The guide explains exactly how to locate directories of professionals on these websites:

American College of Sports Medicine:

American Council of Exercise:

Cancer Exercise Training Institute:

University of Northern Colorado, Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute:


3. If You Can’t Find a Local Provider, Start Walking!

Do what feels comfortable to start, and gradually increase your speed or duration until you reach a plateau that you can comfortably sustain.

Research proves that tracking your progress will significant increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals and maintain your program. You can track your weekly progress in minutes walked or steps taken with any of a dozen pedometers or activity trackers now on the market.

Goal if you track minutes: Gradually reach 150 minutes of brisk walking per week.

Goal if you track steps: Your weekly mantra should beĀ “More than Before!” until you reach a plateau that you can comfortably sustain. Try to reach an average of at least 6,000 steps/day, but remember, we love over-achievers!

If you like structure, you can buy a simple paperback that explains (in less than an hour) how to design your own step-counting program. Manpo-Kei, developed by Catrine Tudor-Locke, PhD, has been proven effective for weight loss in randomized clinical trials and it is fun. Participants stick with it. Here’s a sample tracking log from the book:


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