Mission: Cancer Rehab

Strong Cancer Recovery addresses the critical survivorship issue of cancer rehabilitation.

Comprehensive cancer rehabilitation care involves diverse coordinated intervention therapies (physical, occupational, speech), tailored therapeutic exercise prescription, and psychosocial and cognitive interventions.

Current research indicates services are severely underused, with only an estimated 2% to 9% of survivors receiving needed services (Pergolotti, et al., 2020).

Embedding comprehensive rehabilitation care as a standard part of cancer care has the potential to improve patient outcomes and ease the burden on the healthcare system. Next-generation cancer rehabilitation embraces innovation in 4 critical areas (Alfano & Pergolotti, 2018):

  • Cancer rehabilitation care delivery
  • Expanding the team of providers
  • Creating precision medicine cancer rehabilitation
  • Demonstrating the value of cancer rehabilitation to drive referrals and reimbursement

A special focus of Strong Cancer Recovery is cancer rehabilitation and the availability of services in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and throughout Arizona.

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