Exercise Research

The most comprehensive, relevant, and recent research articles about exercise benefits and cancer are summarized below, with a link to a PDF of the original article. The subject is  highlighted in blue; articles are organized by author. For more information, or to receive any research article via e-mail, contact Nancy Howe at StrongCancerRecovery@gmail.com.

1. American Cancer Society: Exercise can make cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy more effective.


2 Brown: Slowly progressive weight lifting reduced the incidence of physical function deterioration among survivors of breast cancer compared with standard care.


3. Courneya: A volume of aerobic or combined exercise that is higher than has been generally prescribed is achievable and safe during breast cancer chemotherapy.


4. Irwin: Exercise led to improvement in aromatase-inhibitor induced arthralgia in previously inactive breast cancer survivors.


5. Jones_Alfano: A review of the past 25 years of research into the role and efficacy of exercise therapy in cancer survivors.


6. Kimmel: The rationale and methods for incorporating exercise into the standard of care for oncology patients.


7. Loprinzi: Physical activity helps relatively inactive cancer patients to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and cancer-related mortality, increase cancer treatment rates, reduce pain and other side effects associated with cancer treatment, and improve physical and mental health.


8. Mustian: Early-stage cancer patients who are physically active throughout chemotherapy have a reduced risk of experiencing cognitive impairment known as “chemobrain” and are less likely to have chronic inflammation.


9. NCI: A supervised, moderate- to high-intensity, combined resistance and aerobic exercise program is most effective for patients with breast cancer undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy. A home-based, low-intensity physical activity program represents a viable alternative for women who are unable or unwilling to follow the higher intensity program.






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