Scottsdale Offers Free Exercise Expertise to Survivors

If you are being treated for a cancer diagnosis in Scottsdale, you have the advantage of living in one of the most forward-looking, alternative therapy cancer-treatment communities in the nation.

Researcher R.E. Sallis of the American Medical Association’s “Exercise is Medicine” campaign asks:

“If we had a pill that conferred all the confirmed health benefits of exercise, would we not do everything humanly possible to see to it that everyone had access to this wonder drug?

Would it not be the most prescribed pill in the history of mankind?”

In Scottsdale, oncologists and exercise specialists are trying to make this happen.

Three days a week, HonorHealth’s Scottsdale Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center invites everyone living with a diagnosis of cancer to use its premiere exercise rehabilitation center:

  • without prescription
  • without referral
  • without cost

The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center is located just south of Shea Blvd on the west side of 92nd Street: 10460 North 92nd Street. At the center you will meet Keri Lee, MS, ACSM, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, who oversees all activities and counsels survivors on beneficial exercises based on your needs, diagnosis, and treatments. You can visit the center on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm, closed noon – 1 for lunch. You can contact Keri Lee to make an appointment: 480.323.1233, or email her at

This opportunity is exceedingly rare. In general, counseling from a certified cancer exercise specialist comes at a cost, and to date, no insurance company offers reimbursement for sessions. This lack of reimbursement is why you don’t find exercise options at other major cancer centers in the valley like Mayo Clinic or Sun Health/Banner. Take advantage of this option at VGPCC, and tell Keri Lee “hello” from me!

Nancy L Howe

I was a daily exerciser and I ate my fruits and vegetables, but in 1997, I was diagnosed with cancer anyway. I experienced first-hand the benefits of physical activity during treatment and beyond. That was my "Aha!" moment. I left my corporate career, earned my masters at Arizona State University studying exercise science, and joined the staff of University of Arizona cancer researchers in 2005. In 2013, I earned my Cancer Exercise Specialist certification from the University of Northern Colorado, Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute, and founded Strong Cancer Recovery. In 2017, I joined the Arizona State University Cancer Prevention and Integrative Medicine research team, and entered the PhD program at ASU's College of Nursing and Health Innovation. My research focus is breast-cancer-related lymphedema, including the preventive and ameliorative benefits of physical activity.

4 thoughts on “Scottsdale Offers Free Exercise Expertise to Survivors

  1. I have felt that exercise is an important part of cancer treatment. I have a background in Ayurveda and it supports the importance of exercise in recovery, quality of life, and peace of mind in cancer patients.

    1. Ayurveda medicine, with its long history of successful integration of mind and body medicine, is an important adjuvant therapy as well. Thank you Dr. Goel for your support.

  2. Excellent article pointing out the benefits and research for exercise, and accenting the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center opportunity, and the lack of other facilities offering the same due to lack of reimbursement.

    1. The Cancer Treatment of America centers in Phoenix and Scottdale also offer exercise therapy now. You are correct that many other cancer treatment and management centers need to follow suit and provide structured exercise options to patients. Anything less is, in the words of Dr. Gary Kimmel of Cancer Foundation For Life®, substandard care.

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